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Citrio is a very useful browser, focused on security and multimedia content usage. It comes with a complete integrated download manager that’s capable of downloading torrent files or continuing paused downloads, along with other features like a tool for downloading YouTube videos.

Since it’s based on Chromium, it’s similar to and is completely compatible with Chrome. Thus, signing in with your Google account will automatically load all your information, including your browsing preferences and extensions that you have installed. Visually, Citrio is practically identical to Chrome, aside from some of the integrated extensions and tools that come pre-installed on the toolbar.

Citrio’s torrent client automatically detects when you click on a torrent or magnet link, opening the download manager and treating it like a normal download. It’s other download features include the ability to extract and download videos from Youtube. When you access a URL with a video, you’ll see the video download icon marked. Clicking on the icon gives you the options to select the output format or download only the audio. Plus, it can play videos in real time as they’re being downloaded.

In terms of safety, it’s important to note that Citrio doesn't collect any personal data, avoiding phishing, and providing extra protection when surfing the Internet thanks to the integrated AdSafe Browsing extension. Other extensions that are integrated by default include a tool for sharing content via Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook, a proxy administrator for hiding your network, and a special feature for downloading files from 4shared accounts. It also provides a list of important daily events on the news tab, which works like an RSS reader, though some of these options are disabled by default.
Citrio, a brilliant browser with integrated download manager

There are lots of browsers out there based on Chromium, the open standard that’s in turn based on Google’s own Chrome. Citrio is one of the most interesting among them, as in addition to being totally compatible with Chrome and allowing you to automatically import your preferences and plugins, it includes lots of super-useful default features such as a download manager and integrated torrent client or a native tool to download YouTube videos locally.
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